Reduce, or in Filipino "pagbabawas", means to lessen. What are the things we need to lessen? We need to reduce the resources we waste, our energy consumption and most especially our TRASH. We can reduce the resources we waste by buying only the things we need and by using these things only as needed. One very convenient example of this is by applying only the right amount of toothpaste when we brush our teeth. In doing this, we can not only save money, but we will also be able to save trees since our toothpastes are packed in a box. To reduce our energy consumption, the

best thing that we can do is to pay attention to our appliances. If you see that you are not really watching TV while it is open, then turn it off. With this, we can really help in conserving energy. To lessen trash, there are plenty of super simple things that we can do. As simple as buying materials in a pack can help. When you buy materials in pack, not only will you lessen trash, but you will also spend less. Like for example, when you buy a big shampoo instead of sachets, you get more for the price you pay and at the same time, you will be able to lessen trash.

Other than these, what we can do to help Mother Nature is by doing the remaining 2R's -- REUSE and RECYCLE. Learn more by reading the next posts.