Regenerate, according to a dictionary, means "to re-create, reconstitute, or make over, esp. in a better form or condition."

To simply define it, regenerate means to start over and make something better. This is exactly what we have to do to Mother Earth. Regenerate. START OVER AND MAKE IT BETTER. That is why we chose the word Regenerate for the name of our blog.

REGENERATE: Saving the Earth one step at a time.

Change could not be done in a day. To change and save our Earth, we have to go through a process. Little things may seem so simple but actually, the little things we do could save the Earth. As long as these little things are done often, then it could make a difference.


What is happening to our environment?

Look at the pictures above. Aren't the environment so beautiful?
But what are we doing?
Our environment is slowly deteriorating and sooner or later, if we don't make a move, we may lose the only planet that can support life. In our state today, steps should really be taken before we truly ruin the Earth. Changing the way we live our lives, even through the little changes like walking to near place instead of using a car, could surely make a difference. You know what? A simple thing like reducing the usage of our cell phone could really help since in doing this, we would conserve energy. There are a lot of things we can do, even the unusual, to help save our environment. One is by eating together with our family, and that would result in less energy used in heating our food. Another is by using reusable bags instead of plastic in bringing our things because this would lessen trash. So remember, beyond all the 5 R's that we know, there are a billion steps that we could take to make the Earth a better place.



A stroll is now what we take
To see a world we never knew
A quick view of nature we have never seen
We just can't imagine that these are all true.

The land with green grass before
Is now a waste land full of flies
The flourishing flower grows with a smile
But now seems so sad and slowly dies.

The fresh air whispers quietly
But it already seems so dirty
The loud mumbles of oceans in the past
No more fishes, it's too filthy.

The trees that moves so gently
Swoosh, swoosh, what a beautiful melody
With just one cut from an ax
Crash! No more food and shelter.

Haven't you noticed their scream?
Tsk, tsk, we are the reasons why
Goodbye plants, neighing horses and splashing stream
Farewell nature, goodbye!

Hang on, we can
still stop Mother Earth from saying ouch
Ticktock, t
icktock, time's running already
e must all hurry
Before nature
goes with a BANG!


Basura na nakikita kung saan, saan. Polusyon sa hangin, lupa at katubigan.

Ilan pa lamang ito sa mga problema na nararanasan natin sa ating kapaligiran at patuloy na lumalala pa. Wala ka bang pakialam sa iyong kinabukasan? Handa ka na bang pabutihin ang ating kapaligiran?

Sinisimulan na ng KILUS (Kababaihan Iisang Layunin Umunlad ang Sambayanan) Foundation, sa Barangay Ugong, Pasig ang pagsagip sa ating kapaligiran. Sa pamamagitan lamang ng “pagreduce”, “pagreuse”, “pagrecylce”, at “pagsegregate,” natutulungan na nila ang ating kalikasan. Dito, napatunayan nila na may pera sa basura. Sa paggamit ng mga “tetra packs”, nakakagawa sila nga mga produkto tulad na lamang ng sapatos, damit, bayong, at iba pa. Sa pamamagitan nito, nababawasan na nila ang basura sa kanilang lugar.

Gayun na lamang din sa La Mesa Eco Park. Ito ay isang parke kung saan ipinapakita ang kagandahan ng kalikasan. Dito ay mayroon silang mga batas na dapat sundin tulad na lamang ng pagpapanatiling malinis ng kanilang kapaligiran. Isinasakatuparan din nila dito ang pagbubukod ng basura (segregation).

Sa KILUS Foundation at La Mesa Eco Park, maraming matutunan ang mga tao. Ipinapakita dito na dapat ang mga tao ay mayroong “Proper Waste Management” sa kanilang sari-sariling mga lugar. Sinsabi rin dito na hindi dapat natin baliwalain ang basura dahil ito ay magagamit pa muli at mapapakinabangan pa ng mga tao.

Alam namin na ang bawat isa sa atin ay gustong magkaroon ng isang malinis, maayos at walang polusyon na komunidad. Ngunit ano a ng ginagawa natin upang mangyari ito? Kung ang inaasam natin ay isang magandang komunidad, bakit hindi tayo magsimula muna sa ating sarili? Dahil dito dapat nating isabuhay ang mga natutunan sa KILUS Foundation at La Mesa Eco Park. Tayo rin ay dapat maglinis ng ating kapaligiran sa pamamagitan ng pagpulot ng kalat na ating nakikita at pagbubukod ng basura (nabubulok, di-nabubulok).

Ngayon, handa ka na bang magbago para sa iyong kinabukasan?


Biyayang nagmumula sa kataasan
Ginawa ng Diyos para pakinabangan
Ibinigay satin ng may kasiyahan
Nagpapadali ng ating kabuhayan

Puno, bulaklak, mga manok at ibon
Bundok, karagatan, paru-paro’t dahon
Ito’y mga kalikasang tayo’y meron
Nanggaling lahat sa ating Panginoon

Anong nangyayari sa ‘ting kalikasan?
Ang dating hardin ay naging basurahan
Wala nang huli sa mga pangisdaan
Nasisira na ang mga kagubatan

Ating Diyos ay hindi na nasisiyahan
Umiiyak na si Inang Kalikasan
Ang basura ay kita kung saan-saan
Wala ka bang paki sa kinabukasan?

Sino nga ba ang dapat na ‘ting sisihin?
Tayo, tayong mga tao ang salarin
Halika na at mundo’y ating ayusin
Inang Kalikasan ating sasagipin.



These are one of the toughest problems our E
arth is facing right now. I look at my right I see trash, I look up I see pollution, I go here and there I see Global Warming. Every glimpse of my eye, I see YOU destroying me. Are you not aware of what's happening? Trees being cut, animals being killed, what are you planning to do? Don't you think you should already start by changing your own ways? By doing the 3R's, REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, you may already SAVE ME. Read on to the following posts to know more.


Reduce, or in Filipino "pagbabawas", means to lessen. What are the things we need to lessen? We need to reduce the resources we waste, our energy consumption and most especially our TRASH. We can reduce the resources we waste by buying only the things we need and by using these things only as needed. One very convenient example of this is by applying only the right amount of toothpaste when we brush our teeth. In doing this, we can not only save money, but we will also be able to save trees since our toothpastes are packed in a box. To reduce our energy consumption, the

best thing that we can do is to pay attention to our appliances. If you see that you are not really watching TV while it is open, then turn it off. With this, we can really help in conserving energy. To lessen trash, there are plenty of super simple things that we can do. As simple as buying materials in a pack can help. When you buy materials in pack, not only will you lessen trash, but you will also spend less. Like for example, when you buy a big shampoo instead of sachets, you get more for the price you pay and at the same time, you will be able to lessen trash.

Other than these, what we can do to help Mother Nature is by doing the remaining 2R's -- REUSE and RECYCLE. Learn more by reading the next posts.


REUSING? What does that mean? Reusing basically means making use of things again and again. What do we mean by again and again? Reusing can be compared to the clothes you wear. You don’t buy clothes every day and throw what you have worn before at once, but instead you use your clothes all over again. This is applicable to reusing. In reusing, we make use of old materials with still good quality for the same purpose again. An exact example of practicing reusing is when we receive mails. When we receive mails, these are usually placed in an envelope and sealed. We will be able to reuse this by opening the envelope carefully and use it again for example in paying bills. In doing this, we can both lessen trash and save trees. Another is in groceries. When we have our weekly or monthly grocery, we usually make use of plastic bags. Instead of using plastic bags, why not use canvas bags. With using this kind of bag we can not only lessen our trash but also we are able to help our Mother Nature.

What is the difference between reusing and recycling. Find out through the next post.


Recycling is another way of waste reduction. It means the processing of materials previously used into another product in a different form or use. Example of recyclable materials include glass, paper, textiles, metals, electronics, and the most commonly used - plastics. Used paper, for example, can be recycled by using it as a "table cloth" in painting.. The same goes with used plastic bottles that can be used as a container for coins or commonly known as a "piggy bank". There are people collecting recyclable materials because this can be sold to manufacturers of products that can have recyclable materials as an important ingredient in its manufacture. Because of the benefits of recycling particularly in our environment, all of us should be conscious on how recyclable materials can be collected and used or sent to manufacturers of products that use these materials.

Now you know the 3R's. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.
But wait! There are TWO MORE! REPAIR AND REFUSE.
It's not called 3R's anymore, but 5R's.


Repairing is a very good way in saving our environment. But what exactly is the meaning of repair? To repair is to restore or mend something to a good condition after damage. And so, repairing helps in saving Mother Nature since in doing this, we will no longer have to buy new materials. And thus, lessening the need to extract natural resources and also lessening trash. An example of repairing is when we see that our bag has a small hole. Instead of buying a new one, we could just sew it. Not only can we save our resources, lessen trash and save money, but we also get to use our extra time progressive in doing this. Another example is when we're doing our project. Sometimes, when there's a small mistake on our project, we throw it away and make another one. Don't you think it would be better to just improvise and fix it? For example, on your paper you suddenly wrote the word "teachings" when it should be "teach". Instead of getting a new paper and doing it all over again, what you can do is to get a same colored used paper, cut a small square from it and then paste and cover it in on the misspelled word. In doing that, the teacher won't even notice what you did and you will be able to save trees!



The last and final step of the 5R's is REFUSE. Refuse or in other words "decline" or "say no" is one very effective way in saving the Earth. Without this, the 5R's will not be complete. One example of doing this is by refusing to use plastic bags. When you buy things that can be carried, like a pen, don't ask for a plastic bag anymore. In doing this, you will be able to lessen trash. Another way of practicing this 5th R is by refusing to buy over-packed products. Instead of buying products that are packed with very thick packaging, buy those that use less. This could really help in saving our resources, lessening our trash and saving trees.


Now you know what you can do to help SAVE MOTHER NATURE.

We told you the dangers of destroying our environment, the benefits we get for helping Earth and the things we can do to restore nature.




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