REUSING? What does that mean? Reusing basically means making use of things again and again. What do we mean by again and again? Reusing can be compared to the clothes you wear. You don’t buy clothes every day and throw what you have worn before at once, but instead you use your clothes all over again. This is applicable to reusing. In reusing, we make use of old materials with still good quality for the same purpose again. An exact example of practicing reusing is when we receive mails. When we receive mails, these are usually placed in an envelope and sealed. We will be able to reuse this by opening the envelope carefully and use it again for example in paying bills. In doing this, we can both lessen trash and save trees. Another is in groceries. When we have our weekly or monthly grocery, we usually make use of plastic bags. Instead of using plastic bags, why not use canvas bags. With using this kind of bag we can not only lessen our trash but also we are able to help our Mother Nature.

What is the difference between reusing and recycling. Find out through the next post.