A stroll is now what we take
To see a world we never knew
A quick view of nature we have never seen
We just can't imagine that these are all true.

The land with green grass before
Is now a waste land full of flies
The flourishing flower grows with a smile
But now seems so sad and slowly dies.

The fresh air whispers quietly
But it already seems so dirty
The loud mumbles of oceans in the past
No more fishes, it's too filthy.

The trees that moves so gently
Swoosh, swoosh, what a beautiful melody
With just one cut from an ax
Crash! No more food and shelter.

Haven't you noticed their scream?
Tsk, tsk, we are the reasons why
Goodbye plants, neighing horses and splashing stream
Farewell nature, goodbye!

Hang on, we can
still stop Mother Earth from saying ouch
Ticktock, t
icktock, time's running already
e must all hurry
Before nature
goes with a BANG!